5 Common Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems to Consider

Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

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These Are the Different Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

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Do you want your garden to look green and healthy? Then you must install an irrigation system. Firstly, you need to choose the right type of system. Let us guide you; in this blog, you will find the information you need to make the right decision.

These are the different types of sprinkler irrigation systems that you should consider:

  1. Consider the traditional spray system
  2. Rotor systems are very efficient
  3. A drip system is an eco-friendly option
  4. Soaking hoses are a smart solution

Moran’s Landscaping & Excavation LLC is here to make everything easier for you. Below we will explain how each of the systems works and what their benefits are.

Consider the Traditional Spray System

spray irrigation system

The traditional spray system is one of the most common solutions on the market; therefore, it is the first one you should consider. This is a primary system that uses a pop up sprinkler head to spray water in the area where it is located. One of the best advantages is that you can configure this system to water in a full circle, half a circle or a quarter circle.

The good thing about using pop up sprinkler heads is that they retract when off. This is an amazing safety feature since many people are injured each year when they trip over shrub style sprinklers (those that don’t retract).

One of the flaws of this irrigation system is that due to its widespread water coverage, it tends to use a lot of water. Sometimes, your yard ground may not be able to absorb all the water, which can cause overwatering plants.

If you choose this type of lawn sprinkler, you must make sure that pop up heads are installed at a fair distance between one another. Make sure that none of the heads overlap with other head coverage area. Doing this, you’ll avoid wasting water and overflowing your plants and grass.

Rotor Systems Are Very Efficient  

rotor sprinkler system

This is one of the most efficient irrigation systems out there. They are recognized for covering a large area around them. One of the best advantages of rotor systems is that they release water at a slower flow rate. Thus, they allow the ground to absorb water efficiently.

Another thing to consider is that you can adjust the sprinkler nozzles and you can control the amount of water that is released. Also, most rotor sprays can be adjusted to change how far the water sprays.

In this way, you’ll have total control and you can make adjustments as the weather and your landscaping needs change throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at the different types of rotor systems available:

Impact Rotors

These are one of the oldest types of sprinkler heads. It provides multiple streams of water in a rotating pattern of 20 feet or more.

But impact rotating sprinkler requires regular maintenance or they can produce noise that may not be appropriate for residential areas.

Gear Driven Rotors

Unlike impact rotating sprinkler, gear driven rotors are very quiet since they rotate smoothly. Also, they require lower maintenance.

In case you don’t how they work, here is a quick explanation.

In standard gear driven rotors, the water enters the base of the sprinkler which then goes through a filter screen to get into a turbine.

The filter screen will avoid that sediments clog or affect the performance of the other components of the sprinkler head.

The turbine is a crucial part since it’s the one that makes the sprinkler nozzle spin, delivering steady and uniform streams of water across your landscape.

A Drip System Is an Eco-Friendly Option  

drip irrigation system

If you are looking for an irrigation system to help you save energy then this is the one you should choose. These systems release water slowly, using a fraction of the water used by others like traditional spray systems and rotor systems.

This irrigation method gives the soil time to absorb all the water; therefore, it optimizes every drop of water. One of the best advantages of these systems is that they work well in high wind conditions because they water directly the base of the plants.

This works efficiently thanks to the drip tubing that is laid throughout a planting bed, grass, or bushes. 

There are different drip devices such as bubblers, drippers, and micro-sprayers. This variety helps you customize your drip irrigation system to meet the requirement of different plants. 

The only drawback of drip irrigation is that it can pose a tripping hazard for little ones.

Soaking Hoses Are a Smart Solution

soaking hoses

Soaking hoses are not sprinklers but are a type of irrigation system. We advise you to consider soaking hoses as they will allow you to water every corner of your garden.

Soaker hoses are laid throughout your yard and emit water through every inch of the entire length of the hose.

One quick tip is the following: You can customize this watering system to your garden needs by attaching soaker hoses to solid hoses. This will prevent wasting water in areas that don’t need it.

This is an option you should consider before making a decision. If you have a dense landscape, then this is the type of irrigation system you need.


Besides reading this blog post on the types of sprinkler irrigation systems, make sure as well to look for some advice from your favorite landscaping company.

We hope this article was helpful to give you a good idea of the features of the different options you have to water your lawn. As we said, for further customization, you can reach out your favorite landscaper to install an irrigation system that fits your budget and one that does the job efficiently.