Don’t Know Why a Sprinkler Head Won’t Pop Up? Follow These Steps

Don’t Know Why a Sprinkler Head Won’t Pop Up? Follow These Steps

Sprinkler systems often make our lives easier. However, there comes the point when a sprinkler head won’t pop up. In some cases, it might even be multiple sprinkler heads. That’s why we decided to create this blog, highlighting the most prevalent causes of why this might happen. Not only that, but we’ll also show you how to fix this issue right away!

Common Reasons Why Your Sprinkler Head Won’t Pop Up

Believe it or not, sprinklers not popping up is a frequent issue for most homeowners. And whether it’s only one or multiple sprinkler heads, we can all agree that it can be tiring to deal with this problem.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific cause of why it might happen. For this reason, we’ll tell you which are usually the reasons behind it.

That way, you can be sure that your sprinkler system will continue to function correctly. As a result, you’ll end up with a lush green lawn.

Don’t know why a sprinkler head won’t pop up? These are some common reasons:

  • There’s a water pressure issue.
  • The valve isn’t fully open.
  • Your flow control on the zone is partially closed.
  • Dirt clogs your sprinkler heads.
  • Excessive blow-by from sprinklers.
  • You might have broken sprinkler heads.

There’s a Water Pressure Issue

Low Water Pressure for Sprinklers

Sometimes, the reason behind this problem may not come from your sprinklers themselves but rather from low water pressure. This issue usually arises when the municipal water supply system provides more water to more homes.

If this is your case, give your local water company a call and ask them if it’s a temporary or permanent problem. If it’s permanent, you’ll need to install a booster pump or modify your sprinkler system to work on lower water pressure.

Low water pressure can also come from broken lines.

The Valve Isn’t Fully Open

Valves Not Fully Open

Another typical instance of pop-up sprinkler heads not working properly happens when a valve is halfway open. That’s why you’ll want to make sure to check that all of your valves are fully open, including the ones leading to the central system and backflow preventer.

Your Flow Control on the Zone Is Partially Closed

Just like valves, homeowners must make sure that the flow control system is fully open as well. Be sure to turn your flow control counterclockwise entirely.

Dirt Clogs Your Sprinkler Heads

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Sand, dirt, and any type of debris are a sprinkler’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, this issue is the easiest to resolve. All you need to do is first press down the pop-up riser that’s on the sprinkler head. Then, pull the release pop-up riser. Lastly, be sure to repeat the process four to five times.

This procedure will help flush out the debris of your sprinkler heads.

Excessive Blow-by from Sprinklers

Excessive Blow-By from Sprinklers

If a sprinkler squirts water from the gap between the cap and the riser, it’s likely you’re experiencing excessive blow-by. You can check this issue by having someone turn on the sprinklers. Next, check which sprinklers are the ones squirting more water.

You Might Have Broken Sprinkler Heads.

Time to Replace Sprinkler Heads

Last but not least, it might be that you have broken sprinkler heads. Unfortunately, when it happens, you’ll need to replace the sprinkler heads.

Now that you know the main reasons why a sprinkler head won’t pop up, it’s time to fix it. Remember to contact Moran’s Landscaping when having this sort of problem. Our experienced team is ready to assist you.